Our work is done

As I sit here behind my computer, surfing the web, going through the last things on my list, listening to some music on youtube, aggravated by the commercials disturbing my flow, cleaning my second screen from unwanted pop-ups, caused by my incurable desire to stream series from other countries, as I sit here, I realize … Mehr Our work is done

Blow off some steam…

As we are all working on our exams, writing essays, filling our heads with theory, banging our fists against the wall, it might be good to know that the Institute for Philosophy and History of Science, Literature, and Technology organizes a SOMMERFEST on 19.07.2018 from 18:00 at the Reuleaux-Gebäude. If you need to blow off some steam, check it out!

Internet Reality: Digital Conspiracies has started

And we are off. Looking forward to a great semester with in-depth discussions and thought-provoking ideas. Internet Reality has clearly matured in its third installment. All the preparations went rather smoothly, we attracted a group of eager students and again we have managed to come up with a program which hopefully will serve as an … Mehr Internet Reality: Digital Conspiracies has started